I am an amateur reviewer in the truest sense of the word – I watch and review movies because I love to.

On this site, I give each a score between 1 and 10 based on my opinion of its merits as a film. My goal in rating the way that I do is to keep a perfectly average film in the middle between 1 and 10. I begin from a theoretical score of 5.5 and move out from there; because I don’t give out decimal values as scores, my final opinions will lean one way or the other from average. My reviews represent my opinions on the films, rather than purely their popularity or historical significance.

Bad Good
1 – Watch anything else 6 – Okay. Nothing to write home about
2 – Miserable. Absolute garbage 7 – Good. A solid film
3 – Terrible. Don’t waste your time 8 – Great. Certainly worth watching
4 – Bad. Best to steer clear 9 – Something special. You need to watch this
5 – Meh. Underwhelming, but not bad 10 -Masterpiece. Best of the best


To give a film a rating of 1, I need to feel that there is nothing redeemable in it and that there is no way I can recommend it to anyone. To give a rating of 10, I need to be able to defend a film as a timeless masterpiece to people who know what they’re talking about.

These standards help give some actual meaning to the highest and lowest possible ratings. For example, I don’t see any value in writing “I would give this a 0/10 if I could.” Why not just make 1 the worst and make it a little harsher? The same goes for 10: Why not reserve it for the absolute best?

Check out WondrousMoose on IMDb for a list of films that I’ve rated but haven’t reviewed.

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